On January 15th, 1977 the second FESTEC was declared open with a speech entitled “Africa is the origin of man and as such we must strive to lead the world in civilization, art and culture” by Nigeria head of state lt. general o. obasanjo, he stress that Africa should show the concept in action and should not lag behind. The FESTEC continue till the 12th February 1977.

Of about 75 countries who were invited to attend the second festal 59 of them attended, some of the participant includes:

1. Ethiopia 2. Guinea 3. Cuba 4. Senegal 5. Nigeria 6. Gambia 7. USA 8. Tanzania 9. Guyana 10. Libya 11. Ghana 12. Australia 13. Morocco 14. Algeria 15. South. Africa 16. Liberia 17. Sierra Leone 18. Togo 19. Trinidad 20. Lesotho 21. ivory coast 22. new guinea 23. Egypt 24. Chad 25. Canada 26. Angola 27. Zambia 28. Gabon 29. Mali 30. Jamaica 31. Mozambique 32. Zaire 33. central Africa empire 34. Cameroon 35. Uganda 36. brazil republic of Benin 37. Swaziland 38. Mauritania 39. Congo 40. guinea bissao

The discipline for the second FESTEC includes: drama, music, cinema, literature, dances, popular dressing and colloquium.

The highlights of the four week long FESTEC includes:
The regatta,

The darbar and some important speeches from the grand patron, 
The chairman, pre-colloquium speech by president seneghor and a paper presented by wole Soyinka.

The darbar

This is simply a horse display, it was kicked off in Kaduna on the 5th of February 1977, thousands of horses were gaily dressed, rode by thousands of heavily turbaned horsemen. The state of which participated are those from bauchi, borno, congola, Kaduna, Kano, kwara, Niger, plateau, sokoto, darbar represents the traditional form in which wars were found in the past in full regalia with weapon. Darbar has been held during the installation of emirs, big traditional feast, independence celebrations and the visit of heads of states to Nigeria.

While darbar is a showmanship of horses dressed in royal outfit: the regatta is a showmanship of canoes and warriors, regatta one of nigeris contribution to second festac was decleared open by the grand patron, 10.10 1m on Tuesday the 25th January 1977 and was comprised of a fleet of well decorated canoes.

THE regatta

regatta started on the makoro and of the five cowrie river with ceremonial carioes going through the usual motion of firing test shots into the air, dancing and singing to rhythmic beats of traditional gongs and drums. Regatta enjoys pride of plac among the river rine and detal areas of Nigeria. Among the 19 states, 8 states took took part in the water game. Which are ogun, kwara, imo, ondo, river, cross river and lagos state.

What is colloquim? 

Expert in the languages say that the word colloquim is a derivative form two latin words “cum” and “loqui” which means “ to speak together” literally. Other highlights of the sedond FESTAC includes the imo state day, it came off on Sunday January 23rd, 1977. Imo day featured dance by te nkwa umuagbogo acultural dance group from afikpo, the afikpo musical ensemble and the nwokorobia dance. Art work were the tradition mbari, the ikenga and the great and ancient carvings from bende.


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The second FESTEC events in Nigeria

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