Once again, the world focused attention on Nigeria which hosted a great gathering of blacks- the second world black and African festival of art and culture. The first event of such magnitude held here was the second all Africa games which came off in Lagos in January 1973, throughout the four week duration 15th January to 12 February, 1977. FESTAC was a house hold world throughout the entire black world and beyond.

What is this art and culture?

Culture is simply define as a fabric of ideals, beliefs, skills, tool, methods of thinking, eating and talking, customs and institutions into which a member of a society is born. It include the way individual live, the music’s he plays, festivals, celebrations, the house he lives and the food he eats. Culture in other way round could simply be defines as a way of life and value of people e.g., dressing, religion, dancing and music.
Art on the other hand, is the work of man, not nature which gives pleasure to the mind through the senses. They include drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture and literature.

Culture nationalism gave birth to FESTAC, blyden pioneered the African scene. The Paris circle was pioneered by aims cesaire and Leopold senghor in the 1930s they founded the negritude school of thought, they were supported by dios. The negritude school of thought led the way to culture revivalist movement which we are witnessing today among the black people of the world as FESTEC.

The FESTEC story is along winding one, which had its origin in the first faltering steps taken by blacks to return to their roots in our Dakar experiment in 1966. That was the first festival of art and culture which was attended with some degree of success to expose the authentic value of the black people.
Nigeria was one of the start countries invited to Senegal and in return Nigeria was to host the second FESTAC in 1970. Political instability in Nigeria has shifted the time to 1977.

The aims of the FESTEC is all public property but among the lofty ideals which have inspired the FESTEC are:

To ensure the revival, resurgence, propagation and promotion of the black and Africa culture value and civilization.

  1. To present to black and African culture in it highest and widest conception
  2. To bring to light the diverse contribution of black and African people to universal currents of thought and art. 
  3. To promote black and African artist, performers, writers and facilitate their world acceptance and their access to world outlets. 
  4. To facilitate a periodic “return to original” in Africa by black artist, writers and performers up rooted to other continents. 
  5. To promote identity and unity 
  6. To propagate and promote the culture unity and heritage of the black race 
  7. To show that the black have a proud heritage in every field of human endeavors. 
  8. To re-awaken the sleepiness in us as black people worthy of our culture, achievements and contribution to the world development for peaceful human co-existence


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    FESTAC art and culture in Nigeria-The story

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